About Us

So, there we were...

Well, I'm told that's how all good stories start anyway. This story begins with my husband, Tyler, the artist of Wall Hangers Taxidermy. Tyler's love for the outdoors, wildlife and adventure has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. He loves to hunt, fish, hike and just about anything else you can imagine in the mountains. He's hunted every season he could since he was old enough to do so.

Just a couple years ago, Tyler's longtime hunting buddy came up with the crazy idea to pair Tyler's artistic talent with his lifelong passion. Of course, the original idea was just to save money on their own mounts since they are both avid hunters. Tyler didn't realize he was going to be so good at it. He is completely self-taught. Like everything else he does, he faced the challenge head on-even if it meant stinking his wife and children out of the house because he "needs to practice" in our old basement.

Well, he's researched, practiced and ultimately learned how to apply his amazing artistry and attention to detail to each project. Luckily for us, he now has a work-space separate from the house. :) He's been getting a lot of rave reviews and new clients so, we decided to give this business thing a try. Tyler is a licensed taxidermist through ODFW and the business is licensed with the city and state. All that's missing now is you. We'd love to have your business. Bring us your next trophy and Tyler will make it a "Wall Hanger" to remember.