1. Do not cut too far into the brisket while gutting your animal.  

2. Make an incision all the way around the knees on the front legs.

3. Make an incision from the back of the leg at the knee, running the length of the leg to your gut line.  Be sure to stay to the outside of your underarm.  

4. Make an incision all the way around the mid-section of your animal.  Too much hide is ok, too little and you might not have enough for your mount.  Your taxidermist can always trim excess off later.


5. Skin the animal out, up to the neck and disconnect the head at the atlas joint (last joint at the base of the skull). 

6. Store head and cape in a breathable bag such as a game bag until you can get it to the taxidermist.  DO NOT STORE IN PLASTIC.  Hides will spoil quickly if not cared for properly, be sure not to waste time, especially in warm temperatures.